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SecureITLab is an ISO 27001 Certified Information security and Cyber security company providing consulting, compliance, professional, and training services. Through its Security As A Service, Secureitlab helps in mitigating cyber threats.

  • Security Testing

    Identity vulnerabilities on your IT infrastructure

  • Security Solutions

    Easy to implement solutions to thwart threats and meet compliance requirements.

  • Security As A Service

    Services to protect your digital identity and your emails

  • Security Compliance

    Soltuions to comply with various information security and business continuity standards.

O'PHISH - Phishing Simulator delivers a complete solution to assess, train, and test employee vigilance across your enterprise. It is rich in features and offers your administrators plenty of phishing options.

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In today's complex, global environment for business operations, DIGICISO can pesistently monitor the information environment and provide critical situational awareness. Using AI/ML technologies DIGICISO minimizes "human" requirement, implements processes

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Incident Response
Contact Us! for a phished site, fake social media or mobile application take down service.


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The first step in how to implement a DMARC policy, is checking to see if you have one!

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