A complete suite of services protecting your brand from abuse including anti-phishing, anti malware, rogue mobile apps and fake social media protection.

SecureITLab provides an end-to end Anti-Phishing solution, from monitoring & detection of phishing incidents, through to the site take-down incident response and resolution of an incident.

Intelligent image protection

image scanning compares the images found on a client's website, and all images found on past phishing sites, and compares against images found when scanning the high risk parts of the Internet, such as those URL's included in spam, and the scanning of compromised or malicious websites

Monitoring spams for phishing

Utilises a number of methods to monitor email for phishing incidents targeting your brand. SecureITLab maintains a strategic network of local spam traps, honey pots and spam data feeds around the world and has strategic partnerships with Anti-Spam vendors.

Monitoring of Rogue & Malicious servers & website

Scans all known compromised and malicious websites and web servers for phishing that is targeting your brands. Our automated systems scan known directories and standard directory structures, searching for hits on standard phishing filenames.

Monitoring of client data source

We have developed systems to filter through any data source containing URL's, extracting those URL's and scanning the URL's and its source code against an in house set of heuristics to detect possible phishing.

Source code protection

Identify requesting URL's that may use stolen source code from your web site.

Establish Ongoing Governance

Formal governance for the management of process control systems security will ensure that a consistent and appropriate approach is followed throughout the organisation. Without such governance the protection of the process control systems can be ad-hoc or insufficient, and expose the organisation to additional risks.