Our Compromise Assessment determines if your organization has an active security breach, the extent of the compromise, as well as evidence of recent attacks and persistent threats.

Identify and determine any active or recent breach.
Hunt the threats using NSA CIRA methodology to scour your network, endpoints and existing log data.
Detailed report with key findings and evidence of existing breach, and specific steps to address the breach and protection for the future.

Compromise Assessment identifies

Active Breaches

Attackers compromised your network and are actively capturing sensitive data, intellectual property, or proprietary information.

Recent Breaches and Persistent Threats

Previous attackers compromised your network and stole sensitive information. Attackers may be traversing your environment searching for additional data, or remaining dormant awaiting a future event.

Security Program Weakness

Deficiencies and potential gaps in your organization's existing security defenses, programs, and capabilities that over time create potential vulnerabilities that attackers can exploit.