Configuration Review and Hardening Services

Configuration Review and Infrastructure Hardening Most of the network devices are configured in a way to run the business without taking care of the security. Configuration review would help you in identifying the gaps on network devices such as routers, switches, firewalls, WLAN Controllers and load balancers or any other technology implemented on the network and securely configuring them to prevent an external attacker to traverse through the network.

Infrastructure hardening is the process of tuning all the network devices and servers to increase security and help prevent unauthorized access. We will ensure that the hardening standards are in place and in line with industry benchmarks, and that your servers are patched and configured to comply with these standards. We have a rich experience in hardening all flavours of Linux versions, Windows servers and Database servers. Apart from hardening of the servers, we can help you in hardening the network devices which includes but is not limited to firewalls, routers, switches, load balancers, web gateways, spam filters. This would ensure that your network devices are secure and are proudly playing their role without any security misconfiguration, thereby, reducing the internal attacks too.

In this assessment, we would perform an exhaustive review of the configuration of the network device. This would involve the devices such as web gateway solution, spam filtering solution, identity and access management solution, vpn gateway, wireless LAN controllers and many more. Since, the network device components in place may differ from organization to organization, this would be a completely customized assessment based on the already existing configurations and the gaps in alignment to the standard best practices