A cyber threat can be intentional or unintentional, targeted or non-targeted, and can come from a variety of sources, including: foreign nations engaged in espionage and information warfare; criminals; hackers; virus writers; and disgruntled employees and contractors working within an organization

Unintentional threats can be caused by inattentive or untrained employees, software upgrades, maintenance procedures and equipment failures that inadvertently disrupt computer systems or corrupt data

Intentional threats include both targeted and non-targeted attacks. A targeted attack is when a group or individual specifically attacks a critical infrastructure system. A non-targeted attack occurs when the intended target of the attack is uncertain, such as when a virus, worm, or malware is released on the Internet with no specific target.

Repeatedly identified as the most worrisome threat is the "insider" - someone who has authorized and legitimate access to a system or network.

What does our CSRA offer?

  • Identify process related risks and technical threats applicable to your organizations business process.
  • All current cyber security threats which could affect your industry.
  • A policy to apply to messages that fail authentication (report, quarantine, reject) Collect statistics about messages using their domain from DMARC receivers
  • Detailed threats, threat scenarios, evaluation method and evaluation criteria
  • Detailed risk evaluation reports with risk prioritization and mitigation controls.