O'PHISH - Phishing Simulator delivers a complete solution to assess, train, and test employee vigilance across your enterprise. It is rich in features and offers your administrators plenty of phishing options

Our O'PHISH Services include

Phishing Dashboards displays detailed data about your most recent phishing campaigns and the activities of your employees. You'll also see live data that shows you exactly how susceptible your organization is to a phishing attack, what kind of attack is working best, and whether or not you're improving over time.
You can target any employee, or group of employees, with a simulated spear phishing attack just by adding their email addresses. Once you've added a target's email address, you can organize and group such addresses however you like: by department, job title, or even at random. You're in complete control of whom you phish. Because we offer a phishing solution that is integrated with our Information Security Awareness product - Securedskills, targeted employees can be automatically enrolled in a phishing campaign when they are assigned a specific course.
Our tool includes a large library that includes hundreds of phishing emails and educational landing page templates. This allows you to get started phishing right away. But if you prefer, you can create your own templates using the built-in template design tool. If you're HTML savvy, you can write your own code to build highly customized content or email template styles. You can pick or design the exact landing page an employee will see if they take the bait. These landing pages can be directly linked to training and reinforcement activities within SecuredSkills. This way, your training data resides all in one place for easy reporting.
Our phishing tool makes it easy to set up campaigns. Once targets (your employees) are loaded, and phishing templates are selected, you bring it all together in a phishing campaign. Creating a new phishing campaign is fast and easy. You just give the campaign a name and description, schedule start and stop dates, select your email message and landing page templates, and then choose your target group(s). Once it's in place, campaign execution is automatic and you can instantly see the results on the phishing dashboard. You can pause, start, and stop campaigns at any time.
You can measure and report on your anti-phishing activities with our online reporting engine. You can look at all of your campaigns with a high-level overview report, take a deep-dive into select campaigns, or run core reports on a regular basis. See campaign statistics, individual performance tables, and single-person results histories. View recent simulation phishing attack campaign histories and learn which emails and landing pages fooled the most employees. You can always download data via a CSV file for your own custom reports and analysis.
Secureitlab's Phishing Simulator Tool integrates with our security awareness training and reinforcement offerings to provide a rigorous and highly adaptable tool for phish-proofing your workforce.
While many phishing solutions fall flat when it comes to training, Secureitlab's O'PHISH - Phishing Simulator includes direct access to the best training on the market. Secureitlab's training is known for its instructional excellence, and has been deployed to the world's most security-conscious corporations.
O'PHISH - Phishing Simulator can be delivered as a managed service or as a self-managed service. We can tailor O'PHISH to suit the needs of any organization.
With the Managed Service phishing option, Secureitlab provides expert guidance and operates your anti-phishing program on your behalf. Experienced consultants assess your employees' behavior to identify the most effective training messages and reinforcement activities. We then gather data and measure the results of your phishing awareness activities and ensure these activities deliver the behavioral change you are seeking from an anti-phishing program.
The self-managed service offering works well for businesses that prefer in-house or hands-on analytics and training. Secureitlab consultants will provide planning and guidance to help you launch your first phishing campaign. After the first successful campaign is complete, you take the responsibility of being the primary driver for all future phishing campaigns.
Launch phishing attacks using voice calls.
SMShing is a form of fraud that uses mobile phone text messages, to lure victims into calling back a fraudulent phone number, visiting fraudulent Websites or downloading malicious content via phone or Web.
Send phishing messages over Whatsapp, Viber, Line, Skype and as required.