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Secureitlab provides Information security and business continuity consulting, compliance and professional services. Through its Security As A Service, Secureitlab helps in mitigating cyber threats, provides an effective training solution and via its business continuity application provides an easy to implement and maintain business continuity management system compliant to the ISO 22301.

  • Security Testing

    Identity vulnerabilities on your IT infrastructure.

  • Solutions

    Easy to implement solutions to thwart threats and meet compliance requirements.

  • SECaaS

    Services to protect your digital identity and your emails.

  • Security Compliance

    Soltuions to comply with various information security and business continuity standards.


O'PHISH - Phishing Simulator delivers a complete solution to assess, train, and test employee vigilance across your enterprise. It is rich in features and offers your administrators plenty of phishing options.

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Innovative Information Security Solution

Complying, reducing risks affecting your organisation by utilising online and innovative solutions leading to cost savings.

Online ISO assessments

Get compliant to ISO 27001/20000/22301 using online web conference

  • Save Costs
  • Project starts within a day
  • 100% secured conferencing
  • Certification guarantee
Remote VA

Get a detailed vulnerability assessment report remotely

  • Save costs
  • Secured connection using VPN
  • Project remotely managed
  • Continuous testing for enhanced security
Virtual Patching

Mitigate technical assessment risks in an instant

  • Compensatory control for "unfixable" vulnerabilities
  • Solution installed at your premises
  • Industry tested and adopted solution
  • Meet compliance requirements

In today's complex, global environment for business operations, DIGICISO can pesistently monitor the information environment and provide critical situational awareness. Using AI/ML technologies DIGICISO minimizes "human" requirement, implements processes and technologies to provide industry-leading cyber defense and integrated threat management.

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Contact Us! for a phished site, fake social media or mobile application take down service.


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The first step in how to implement a DMARC policy, is checking to see if you have one!

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